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Snowflake Wishes Box

I created this box for giving gifts this Christmas. The Snowflake Wishes Stamp Set adds a delicate Christmas feel. I love using purples and blues together like this.

This box can be decorated with a variety of stamp sets, or you could use some of the wonderful DSP available. It doesn't have to just be for Christmas.

This box measures: 13.7cm wide, 7.5cm deep & 3.65cm high.

Supplies Used:

Snowflake Wishes Stamp Set (152444)

Clear Block D (118485)

Shimmery White Cardstock (121717)

Stampin' Trimmer (152392)

Classic Stampin' Pads:

Balmy Blue (147105)

Seaside Spray (150085)

Purple Posy (150084)

Highland Heather (147103)

Paper Snips (103579)

1 1/2" Circle Punch (138299)

Bone Folder (102300)

Multipurpose Liquid Glue (154974)

Here's How I Made It:

Taking an A4 piece of Shimmery White Cardstock, I stamped one of the large Snowflakes in Highland Heather. I dotted them around the card randomly, also double stamping them (overlapped, but rotated) to give dimension.

Double stamping is where you stamp once and then stamp again without reinking.

I then stamped a smaller snowflake randomly in Purple Posy. I again double stamped , but this time I didn't overlap them.

Next, I stamped a different large Snowflake in Balmy Blue in the same way I stamped the Purple Posy.

Finally, I filled some of the large gaps with the Snowflake Cluster stamp. This was also double stamped.

Tip: Overlap the stamping a little, this give dimension and depth.

Now to score the card. Below is a template to help show the score and cut lines.

Score along the long edge at 3.65cm, 7.3cm, 14.8cm, 18.5cm & 25.85cm. Then cut at 29.5cm

I rotated the card 90 degrees, to score along the short edge at 3.65cm. I then rotated the card 180 degrees to score on opposite side, again at 3.65cm.

Using Paper Snips, I cut along the scoreline as shown in template. Once the tabs have been created, I cut a little wedge out of them to help them fold in neatly.

I then burnished along the scorelines with a Bone Folder.

Now to glue the tabs. the Lid of the box is the end with just one 3.65cm section. I chose to use Multipupose Liquid Glue as this give some wiggle room and make sure it is all aligned nicely, before it dries.

I glued the 2 tabs to the lid and then the 2 middle tabs to the sides of the base. I then glued the final 2 tabs to base. Finally I glued the remaining 3.65cm section and folded this over to conceal those last tabs. It also give the base some extra rigidity. To give a nice crisp finish I burnished this edge with a bone folder.

I then used Paper Snips to diagonally cut the back corners of the lid off. I cut from the corner where the lid meets the base, to the end of the tab in the lid.

Finally I used a 1 1/2" Circle Punch to make a little opening tab. I aligned this in the centre of the side the lid and so about half of the circle is punched.

Here you can watch a Video Tutorial of how it's made:

For supplies used, visit:

Happy Crafting x

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