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Dove of Hope Wreath Card

This is a great card, that is simple to make. You don't need lots of supplies and can make multiple of them very easily. Great for send out lots of homemade Christmas cards to family & friends.

Tip: For all the colours you can simply use all Stampin' Write Markers to colour the stamps in. It's a great way to have all the colours available when you don't have all the Classic Stampin' Pads. When doing this the ink can sometimes dry slightly as you colour them in. To bring the ink back to life, just before stamping, simply give a nice off of breath on the stamps and it reactivates the ink.

Using just Stampin' Write Markers also means you can colour one stamp in multiple colours.

Supplies Used:

Dove of Hope (153406)

Stamparatus (148187)


Old Olive (147090)

Real Red (147084)

Gray Granite (147118)

Stampin' Write Markers:- (147154 & 153125)

Old Olive

Real Red

Smokey Slate


Stampin' Seal (152813)


Whisper White 5 1/4" x 5 1/4" (106549)

Real Red 5 3/4" x 5 3/4" (106578)

Old Olive 6" x 12" Scored at 6" (106576)

Here's how I made it:

To start I took my Stamparatus and aligned by Whisper White Cardstock

(5 1/4" x 5 1/4").

Using the Branch stamp from the Dove of Hope Stamp Set, I aligned this in the top right hand corner. I then closed the plate to adhere the stamp.

Next I inked up the stamp with Old Olive and stamped the image.

Rotating the card to the next blank corner, I repeated the steps before of inking and stamping. Using the Stamparatus means you don't have to worry about alignment. As long as the card is in the corner, it will stamp in the same position.

I repeated this rotating, inking and stamping 2 more times to fill all 4 corners.

Now the wreath stamping is complete, I aligned the small Dove and chosen sentiment in the centre. Then closing the plate to adhere the stamps.

I then inked up ONLY the sentiment using the Real Red Classic Stampin' Pad. Alternatively you could use the wide end of the Real Red Stampin' Write Marker to avoid accidentally getting ink on the Dove.

I then closed the plate to stamp the sentiment.

I then inked up the Dove using the Grey Granite Classic Stampin' Pad and stamped onto the card.

Alternatively if using only Stampin' Write Markers yo could colour the Dove in using the Grey Granite Marker and use the Old Olive Marker for the branch in its beak.

I coloured in the leaves using the wide end of the Old Olive Stampin' Write Marker.

I used the Real Red Stampin' Write Marker to colour in the berries. When doing this I coloured over the stamped outline of the berries, as I found this gave them a nice dark red border that added some nice dimension.

I then went back in with the wide end of the Old Olive Stampin' Write Marker to colour in the leaves in the the Doves beak.

Using the thin end of the Old Olive Stampin' Write Marker I coloured over the outline of the branches in the Doves beak.

If using just Stampin' Write Markers you won't need to go over the branches in Old Olive as the will already be stamped in this colour.

Now with the wide end of the Smokey Slate Stampin' Write Marker, I added some shadows to the Dove's stomach, tail and wings.

I then used the Bumblebee Stampin' Write Marker to colour in the Dove's beak.

Using the Stampin' Seal I adhere the card front to the Real Red Cardstock

(5 3/4" x 5 3/4")

Finally I used the Stampin' Seal to adhere the Real Red Cardstock to the Old Olive Cardstock (6" x 12" - scored and burnished at 6")

Here you can watch a Video Tutorial of how it's made:

For supplies used, visit:

Happy Crafting x

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